Amitabh Yadav

at CERN and Berkeley Lab, CA


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Nationality: Indian

about me

I'm a research fellow at CERN and an affiliate at UC Berkeley. My current research includes machine learning for fundamental sciences, high-performance hardware/software system co-design, and quantum information theory.

Prior to this, I was a research associate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the ATLAS group of Physics Department, where I worked on hep.qpr project and helping to develop and implement quantum pattern recognition algorithms on a quantum computer for the high-energy physics use case. I have obtained my masters in computer engineering from the Delft University of Technology where I specialized in micro-architecture design for the control of the spin-qubit quantum processor at QuTech in the Netherlands.

In 2021, I cofounded [ SyncMind | AI ], a full-stack computing and microelectronics research initiative to develop accelerators for learning and inference of biomedical time-series signals on 'edge'. We're based in Geneva, Switzerland and Leuven, Belgium.


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