Amitabh Yadav

Researcher in Quantum Algorithms
at Berkeley Lab, CA


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Welcome to Amitabh's Bio.

About Me

I am a y/o researcher in Computing and Physics. I grew up in India, mostly in the northern plains in Lucknow and later, in the lower Himalayas in Dehradun. After college, I moved to Geneva, Switzerland where I worked as an experimental physicist at CERN. Soon after that, I moved to Delft, Netherlands to continue my Masters. I worked on theoretical aspects of enabling a scalable implementation of Quantum Processors. After graduating I continued on a parallel track of exploring applications of Quantum Systems in High Energy Physics experiments at LBNL/UC Berkeley.

I like cycling off-road, bike-packing and hiking. This comes alongside my hobbies as ranging from a nature lover to exploring ancient cities with intriguing historical backgrounds. I am a native Hindi speaker, fluent in English and a moderate-level French speaker.


I'm a curator of beliefs (some might call, superstitions). Every now and then when I stumble upon something mind-boggling, I update this list.
I'll be super-psyched to discuss any and all of these. It'll be superb if you could change my mind. :)
So far, I have the following:

  1. Money can buy happiness, if you're in academia.

  2. Chicken came before egg. (unicellular organisms -> multi-cell organisms --- (evolution & development of reproductive organs) ---> chicken -> eggs) also see: Goldilock's Conditions for life.

  3. The secret of happiness is 'free food'.

  4. The primary purpose of life is: Reproduction; everything else is secondary. The reason is purely 'survival'. Philosophically, you can find your own purpose.

  5. Coffee must have no sugar. If God intended coffee to be sweet, he wouldn't have made cocoa beans bitter. :P

  6. Quantum Mechanics is easier than classical mechanics. (It is! QM is a linear theory whereas, CM is non-linear.)

  7. Twitter is better. Why?

  8. It's highly unlikely that intelligent life (besides human race) exists in the universe. See: Drake Equation, Fermi Paradox (

  9. Life can be Quantized (just needs to be figured out how).

  10. The concept of Jugaad (ad-hoc fix) is really harmful (in any/every situation). Must be avoided.

  11. Tabs over spaces. Vim over Emacs. Windows/Linux over MacOS.

  12. Your body's mass is not due to the Higgs field/Higgs Boson, nor the total sum of mass of all the atoms making your body would come equal to your body's mass. (The reason is pretty cool. btw, it's because of vacuum. Check this out:

  13. If you want to uncover the mystery of "how earth came about...", explore Jupiter. All answers are there.

  14. Love and Principles, trumps everything else.

  15. It is possible to 'cure' growing old.

  16. The universe down to it's constituents of particles; and life down to it's individual cells is just an extremely complex engineering project.

  17. We 'probably' will never make a machine that takes us back in time (based on intuition derived from philosophical and scientific works - such as, )

  18. Economics is as much of a science, as science itself.

p.s. If you want me to start talking for hours without a breath, ask me about The Big Freeze theory or the great epic, Mahabharat.. ;)